マァマァサ・ムゥ Debut Concert (9/2 Roppongi, Morph Tokyo)
Question: What do the following things have in common?
- $3 bills
- long days
- inverted, pink triangles
- mineral water
- Liberace
- rainbows



I think this picture about sums it up (as though the blinking, scrolling, giant GAY didn't):

scanned by sabrina
Man. Just...

And that is not to say the show wasn't good. The show rocked ass. First of all there was an amazing SKA band called Zetki (whose CDs I immediately bought), and then a little acoustic act who filled in between each of the other bands (the singer had a nice voice and great falsetto), and then Masa's new band came out (and I do mean that in both senses of the phrase). Well, not technically new band; same members, different name (マァマァサ・ムゥ - "Maamaasa-Muu", which clearly means "Attention all assbandits! Please report to the stage for immediate buggery!WE ARE GAY!").

The band members all had on white tux pants and shirts with frills, white cummerbunds, and black BOW TIES. And then we have Masa, First Lady of the Stage, in full white tux (with tails! - SEXY!), cummerbund, white bow tie, and TEA CUP. Pinkies out ladies! And sip!

At one point in the MC Masa said "I'm thirsty," (and it may as well have been "I'm thirsty, BITCH.") and Tak, his whipped little buttboy hurries over to get a dainty, pink teapot and refills Masa's cup. *ded*

They haven't really changed their style much, at least, musically speaking. Though it's a bit more 80's retro rock. Very cool shit.

They sold demo CDs (which came with the gay gay gayness shown above ~_^) of one of the new songs, and gave out set-lists to those who filled out the questionaire:

1)opening (badass electronic version of Pachelbel's "Cannon")
2)"Excuse / いいわけ"
6)"Over The Window" (the set list has it as "7 Colors" but they apparently decided to change it)
-MC band intro-
7)closing (badass electronic version of Pachelbel's "Cannon", again)
(Report done by Sabrina)

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