DIZZY DRIVE and others (10/28 Ebisu GUILTY)
I went with two friends of mine, both of them are boys so i couldnt really share the joy of viewing masa with them. But i have to admit that masa made me kind of dissapointed... he was acting like a little slut. He has artificial movements of a woman, and his tongue was dancing as if it has its own will. He was indeed super sexy, but i dont like to see him acting idiotic like this. I prefer the real and honest masa of Spiky.
Anyway, he was still beautifull and sexy. His hair is back to how it used to be in the early days of Spiky. He kept blowing air to get his hair out of his eyes. Cuuute.
I dont know what songs they were singing, but they were very noisy 0_0. *continue to miss the lost spiky days*...
And once at the live, masa tripped a bit and almost fell down from the stage. It was funny, but he continued to sing normally. Some fan girls were laughing though.

Also, masa did an important announcement: masanori is leaving DIZZY DRIVE. Apperantly because they have different way. (Well, thats what my friend explained to me, i didnt understand much by myself).

The DIZZY DRIVE performace was a bit short, but im happy i could see the real masa ^^. He is so beautiful. DIZZY DRIVE performed first, and when they finished, my friends and i went away, because we left another friend of us sleeping at the car.
(Report done by Ayelet)

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