Dizzy Drive / Amaterase / Ino Head Park

Xty and Tav went off for some more dance fun Sunday afternoon, so after a brief 4 hour nap, I got up to go check out the Dizzy Drive / Amaterase concert in Shibuya Club Quattro. Amaterase came out first and played a 6-7 song set, including a new song. Their supporting member, who played taiko for them during the set, was introduced as being the same guy who taught Gackt and GacktJOB how to play the taiko and shamisen for their opening act during the Sixth Day Seventh Night tour!

Dizzy Drive played 7 songs as well, including *2* new songs! Yay! And I was able to pick up one of their new demo CDs as well. Masa looked very cute in his grey, tribal patterned tank top, black satin pants, and *COWBOY HAT*. I "yeehaw"ed him, and he laughed. I also got hit in the face by one of Tak's randomly flung guitar picks, but couldn't find it when I bent down to search for it. >_<

The set-list was:

1)Driving High
3)new song "Over the Window"
4)new song
5)サイレン (siren)
6)Get Naked

After Dizzy Drive finished, I stuck around for three of Ino Head Park's songs, but had to leave after that as I was getting too tired and hungry to stay much longer, and I wanted to know how Tav had done dancing today. On the way out I saw Takuya and KG and said "Good evening" to them, and then saw Masanori and the drummer (whose name I always forget! >_<) at the elevator carting out their gear and said "Good night" to them. I decided not to try to squeeze into the elevator with them for propriety's sake, even though my goddamn feet are nothing but giant blisters at this point, so I took the stairs, and on the way out through the department store I saw Masa shopping in the sporting goods store! He was checking out surfing supplies, so it looks like Masa has decided to take up surfing (or already had).
(Report done by Sabrina)

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