Dizzy Drive live at Kashiwa Club ZaX (5/22)
Last night was the Dizzy Drive live at Club ZaX in Chiba. They were part of a five group act titled "Fashionable Men part 5" ("Sutekina Dansei part 5") alongside Sugar High, The Captains, Sign, and Digicut.

But first was the great quest to find the motherfucking live hall. It was about a 20 minute walk from the "nearest" station. But it was alright cuz Kashiwa is quite a nice place, even if the club's "map" would more appropriately be called toilet paper than a map. Anyway, just after we got our tickets, Masa and crew all came out en masse and wandered off down the street presumably to go grab some eats. We did the same after getting our tickets, and although we REALLY weren't trying to follow them, we were convinced that we would run into them since we walked about 10 minutes away from the damn club and found NOTHING but one tiny Okinawan restaurant. So we decided on it, and thankfully they weren't there. The food was EXCELLENT, and I'd love to go back there sometime.

On the way back to the live hall, we noticed a wealth of interestingly named buildings, including "Studio Naughty", "The Come Club", and the "Great Man Building". All of which were photoed for prosperty.

Once back at the club (which was LITERALLY the size of my living room, I shit you not), I bought the new demo cd and photo set, and then it was time for the show. First group up, Sugar High, was quite aptly named. They had a sort of Charcoal Filter feel to them, except with the addition of a healthy double-dose of speed. The bassist was absolutely nuts, and the guitarist looked like L'arc En Ciel's Tetsu. Their vocalist wasn't bad, and their songs were different enough that I bought a cd of theirs.

Next was The Captains. It was like The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper on parade, except with a double dose of crack. They were ALL absolutely nuts, but they were so into their stage personas that their enthusiasm was quite infectuous. The singer acted like a totally over the top, efeet wanker, but he was so good at it you couldn't help but enjoy it. The gay posturing was NON-STOP, even when the other members were speaking and no one was paying the singer any attention. They were also quite good; Xty and FenrisSara bought some of their goods and CDs.

After that came Sign. They had two vocalists, one in a pinstriped black suit with sunglasses, and the other in a tanktop a la Linkin Park. They both rapped / sang, and the music was reminiscent of ska and rock combined with rap.

Not bad. Dizzy Drive's set opened up with the usual heavy bass techno intro, then when right into a six song set of high-speed, thrashing, jumping songs. I'm still not sure of all the songs on the set-list, since there is only one cd out, and it only has two songs on it ("Get Naked" and "Real" -- I can't tell you how thrilled I was to realize that YES, he REALLY IS saying "get naked!". It also means Masa's English pronunciation has improved a great deal. ~_^). They also played a new song called "Driving High". Anyway, it was something like this:

1)intro song "We want more Dizzy Drive!"
3)short MC
4)"Temptation Nights"
5)"Last Night Of The World" (one of my faves)
6)short MC live schedule
7)"Driving High"
8)"Get Naked"

Masa seems to get younger and younger and hotter and hotter with each show. YUM. He was wearing leather pants and a half-open, white, button shirt. Plus, his hair is getting back to it's old GacktJOB shagginess. Their energy was amazing, and EVERYONE was jumping up and down, slamming, and thrashing -- it was pretty fucking sweet. They're doing great, and it seems they picked up a few of the other bands fans as well.
(Report done by Sabrina)

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