Marmite, Apache Boys, Dizzy Drive live! (2/12 Y2K Roppongi)
Pre-show excitement involved seeing and saying hi to Takuya while we were getting our tickets (that didn't show up in the mail on time), and then hanging out in Starbuck's while KG (who said "Hi" to us), and then Matchy (who also said "Hi")came in to get snacks before the show. Takuya went

The concert tonight was really good. All the bands that appeared were really professional, and had a good sound, I never felt like I was "waiting" for Masa to come out at any point. For those of you who don't know, originally this show was slated to be Spiky (with new vocalist) and Dizzy Drive (Masa's new band), but they changed it at the last minute to Marmite (Takuya, Spiky's guitarist's, band), and Apache Boys (Matchy and KG's band), and Dizzy Drive. I guess the new vocalist just didn't work out for them or something... I don't know.

Marmite is your average rock band; they had a good edge, and no attitude. The songs were enjoyable and exciting. Apache Boys were just crazy fun, they had a really interesting mix of songs and genres, and Matchy is nuts, for the record. ~_^ (I got them all to sign their CDs for me too! Yay! But then I'm sure I gave the girl at the counter 10,000yen, but she thought I only gave her 5,000yen, so I got screwed out of like $50... I'm sure it was an honest mistake, but it still sucks.)

Dizzy Drive was EXCELLENT. Their songs ROCKED. I'm very impressed by Masa's new sound, and it seems he's finally started writing songs that fall nicely in his range. He also played the guitar a bit himself. They played a total of about 6 songs, then came out for an encore, but Masa said that they were sorry they didn't have more songs, so they played the same one over again "Last Day (of the world)" or something like that.One of the songs was called "Pride" and the really beautiful song that was slower was called "Sign". Unfortunately, I didn't get a look at the set list so I have no idea about the titles of the others, except for that one really fast, upbeat song it sounded for the world like he was saying "Hey! Yo! Get naked!" Xty and I were like, "OMGWTFLOLBBQ!11!!" ^_______^

Can't wait to go to the next show! ^______^
(Report done by Sabrina)

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