Many thanks to Sabrina from LiveJournal for letting me use her reports. They can also be found in Spiky to be, an LJ Community with everything masa-related. There are also reports of others, the credits are always to be found in the report.
Enough said, on to the reports (the latest are on top):

マァマァサ・ムゥ live reports

10.12.2006 CLUB 24 YOKOHAMA

30.09.2006 Yokohama Soundhall

02.09.2006 Roppongi Morph Tokyo (Debut Concert)

DIZZY DRIVE live reports

28.10.2005 Ebisu GUILTY

07.08.2005 QUATTRO Tour Final Shibuya Club QUATTRO

11.06.2005 Y2K Roppongi (DIZZY DRIVE Fanclub-Event)

22.05.2005 Kashiwa Club ZaX

10.04.2005 Y2K Roppongi

12.02.2005 Y2K Roppongi

Spiky live reports

26.12.2004 Y2K Roppongi (Spiky Do The Best For The Next Tour Final)

27.11.2004 Tokyo Live Hall Crossroad (Arrows vol.2)

29.09.2004 Y2K Roppongi (Memory Two)

30.05.2004 Spiky Fanclub Event

23.05.2004 Lalaport (Spiky Show)

28.03.2004 28.03.2004 Yokohama Sound Hall (Spiky Do It Now)

29.09.2003 Y2K Roppongi (Memory One)