I collected a couple of links i thought as interesting.

マァマァサ・ムゥ PC version Official Homepage

マァマァサ・ムゥ Official Homepage

Seventh Heaven

masa Fanlisting

AKITO's Homepage

Tak's Homepage

Tak's blog

masanori's Blog

My YouTube account featuring many videos of masa

Komanekoken - Translations of many bands and also of Spiky

Spiky to be - a LifeJournal Community - About everything masa related

Wikipedia entry on masa

Twisted Clock Official Homepage

Calmando Qual Official MySpace

Syaranosui Official Homepage

THIRST Official MySpace

Neurotic Doll Official MySpace

2nd Effect Official Homepage

2nd effect Official MySpace

Having to be - old Spiky fansite with live-reports, japanese

Camui-Love - Page all about Gackt

Nanny's myspace, Mexican fans meetingplace!

Five For Magazine, English language magazine about Japanese music etc.

Lovehotel Oasis, a fansite about JRock in English and Dutch

Sabrina's Homepage, check!

Dir en grey Argentina

Kazane - a french site about all sorts of japanese Indie acts

JiyuuNoOto - another french site about all sorts of japanese Indie acts

Gackt Official Homepage (Dears)

Image Hosted by
Moonlight Eyes (German Gackt-Fanclub)

Image hosted by
Elisa's fansite featuring the band 'Machine'

Sadly, most of the masa related sites have been taken down as it seems so it's hard for me to come up with links. Sorry.