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I put that in here because Tak gets asked about DIZZY DRIVE. It's from Kazane, a french page about J-Rock and Visual Kei Indie acts.
Here's the translated part of where Tak talks about DIZZY DRIVE:
(thanks to Maki from LiveJournal for the translations ^_^)

1. Youíve entered Masaís new group Dizzy Drive, would you explain how that came about? Did you know Masa?
Tak: When the group first started, we were only vaguely sure, but I thought that we would stick to the sounds that the members liked and continue like that. We center ourselves more on the agressive side than just the music. I didnít know Masa very well (laughs).

2. No one knows yet, what will be the style of Masaís new group, could you tell us more?
Tak: Weíve just truely started so Iím also in a fog...itís a rock group so it will dazzle by a large pallet of styles. But I donít want to restrain the group to one simple image to the people who havenít yet heard us, so I canít fully explain...

3. Is there a first release coming out soon?
Tak: Itís not yet decided, but continue to wait please.
Note: The group released its first demo when were were translating this interview, May 22nd.

4. Calmando Qual and Dizzy Drive are musically opposite right?
Tak: Iím a little disconcerted that the two groups donít have all of the same aspirations, its a 180 degree turn, but as both express things in me, its not as complicated.

5. Has Masa listened to Calmando Qual?? ^o^
Tak: He listened to the CD the other time! (Laughs) [sounds kind of awkward, but its a literal translation.]

6. How did you meet Masa?
Tak: The drummer Akito introduced us.

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