Welcome to my fan-site about masa and his projects!

Right now there is not much going on since masa does not seem to plan doing anything new anytime soon, but I will keep my eyes open as always, who knows what will happen in the future. For the time being, this site can hopefully be a source of information for those who want to know more about all he has done so far, so I hope you can enjoy it nevertheless!
Btw, I have changed the layout and sorted the content a bit since マァマァサ☆ムゥ are no longer and this is more like a collection of what masa did so far anyway. Some more info on what you find where and stuff in my news section! But don't worry, everything is still there :D! Ok, what more can i say? Just take a look around and make sure to check everything and if you like it, spread the love. And return please ~_^!

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Despite masa's break/retirement, this page will stay open and will be updated whenever I have some news or other kinds things for you to share ♥
I hope masa will enjoy his life and maybe come back sometime with something new, who knows! We'll all be patiently waiting d(^_^)b!

I am not associated to masa in any way.
I am not affiliated to any of the members or staff of the bands mentioned, nor do i get any kinds of benefits out of my page.
I am not responsible for the contents of the links posted here.

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